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What to bring to when preparing your taxes:

  • W2s or 1099-MISCs
  • If you attended school you might have received a form 1098-T, bring it along with any receipts from book purchases, school fees or computer purchases.
  • If you have dependents, provide us the names as they appear on their social security cards and dates of birth. If you have childcare expenses, please provide us the childcare provider’s Federal ID or social security number, address, home number and amount paid throughout the year.
  • If you own a home please bring any mortgage interest statements (Form 1098), Real Estate Property tax bill, auto registration/license fee, any earned interest reported by your bank (Form 1099-INT). If you refinanced your home or rental property, please bring us the escrow closing statements for any possible deductible items.
  • If you own income property, bring any mortgage interest statements (Form 1098), Real Estate Property tax bill, property insurance statements, cost of repairs made throughout the year & income received from the property.